United Distributors Nepal- Bring Global Market to Nepal

Since the global market is swelling up with huge possibilities, there is a need of distributors who can work it out for the major brands and companies. It is the responsibility of a distributor to spread out the reach of product once it had entered in the economy of the country. If the distributor is good, the brand will flourish bringing in more business and employment to the local mass. United Distributors Nepal is doing exactly this taking Nepal to the global front by distributing a wide array of international brands.

United Distributors Nepal

With the hard work and creative approach used by the team, United group Nepal has been capable of generating jobs for youngsters at a wide scale. From minor jobs to the major position, it has provided job for hundreds of youth all over Nepal. Due to the tireless contribution in the field of distribution, this company is now working with more than 50 global brands including Pringles, Mars, M&Ms, head and shoulders, Pantene, Whisper, Olay, Nokia, and Oral-B and so on.

It has literally brought global market to Nepal making it one of the successful places for doing business. With smart approach towards enhancing the sales of the product by spreading it to every nook and corner, United Distributors Nepal has become one of the leading companies in this field.


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