United Distributors Nepal Pvt. Ltd., commonly known as UDN is one of the renowned company in Nepal. They are working for Nepalese from over 15 years and bringing them the world’s favorite brands and developing and making a remarkable growth in their personality. They have tied up with 10 of the world’s leading companies. Their major part of the work is on personal care, female hygiene, health food drinks, household products and confectionary.

Today, UDN is among top 5 companies in Nepal in fast moving consumer goods sector. Their estimated turnover is USD 35 million. Apart from this, they are giving employment to the Nepalese. Over 300 people are working in this company.

United Distributor Nepal

If you are going to do a big work or business then you should divide that into small segments so that you can focus on every aspect of that work and can do that effectively. UDN has a powerful network of the branches, distributors and dealers so as to reach every possible consumer segment and supply the products of various brands to major population.

Working on a 360o approach, this company has grown at a much faster rate. The company not only handles distribution, they also work on local production of point of sale materials, joint business plans with modern retail and works with advertising agencies.

In a country like Nepal where most of the companies stay away from paying taxes, UDN was awarded as the highest tax payer of Nepal.


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