United Distributors Nepal

Nepal has been growing very fast in all sectors in which there has been a contribution from the business houses a lot. United Distributors Nepal is one of the biggest names in Nepal, a company that employs almost 300 employs directly as well indirectly there are many people that are being employed by this company. This company has been a loyal taxpayer, which is why in the year 2011 the prime minister of the country has presented this company with the best tax payer award.

There are several brands that this company is associated with and some of them are Procter and Gamble, GSK, Mars, and Orion. There are also several product brands that this company has been distributing all over the country such as Pantene, H&S, Rejoice, Olay, Camay, Ariel, Tide, Oral B, Duracell, Pringles, Gillete, Whisper, Pampers and Vicks.

This company has been quite popular among the customers and also with the foreign brands. It has been having quite an impact on the business in the last few years. This company is also known for its quality schemes and product promotion schemes all over the country. This is the reason why this company has been quite popular among the people all over the country.

United Distributors Nepal P. Ltd work on different levels, along with dealers is the people who are actively involved in this large promoting and consumer base. These dealers help customers enormously and give them a proper idea of the market and the current status of the market.

Most of the international trade and investments are assisted with the products and the market with the help of the currency conversion. There are also many things that need to be successful in the campaigns to make it a success. One of them is the connection with the mass and that is very perfectly executed by this company.


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